Proposed changes for the Medical Practitioners Act

Please note proposed changes for the Medical Practitioners Act can be submitted in hard or soft copy at the GMC retreat planned for 6 March, 2016.


Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation CME 9 March 2016

Date: 9 March 2016 Venue: GPHC Eye Clinic Area Time: 6:00 hrs - 7:00hrs 1 Credit awarded


Urgent Notice

ALL MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS are reminded to complete their annual registration for 2016 in accordance with Part 111, section 8:2 of the Medical Practitioners Act 1991. Deadline for registration is 31st, January, 2016. Failure to be registered within the specified time shall attraction late registration fees as provided for in the law. Fees: Relicensing Full capacity - $7,000 Institutional, $3,000 MTP license $5,000 A late fee of $25,000 would be charged for those (fully registered) and 15,000 would be charged for institutionally registered.


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Welcome to the online presence of the Medical Council of Guyana

We hope you find it to be a useful resource for information on the medical fraternity in Guyana, and look forward to being able to utilise this forum as a means of providing information in an accesible manner to our members, medical students and the general public.

All Continuing Medical Education (CME) material, application/ licence forms and the relevant regulatory acts governing the medical profession in Guyana will be made available, so please visit to gain useful information and to contact or provide feedback directly to the Medical Council.

We hope that this website can enhance the work of professionals and medical students, the lives of our fellow Guyanese and our beloved country.